(Surrogacy Board is now active in India. Call us to apply your surrogacy in legal manner as per ART & Surrogacy Regulation Act 2021)

Surrogacy for intended parents

Becoming a parent through surrogacy is an emotional and rewarding path to parenthood. Intended parents put their trust into not only their gestational carrier, but their surrogacy doctor as well. It can be a journey filled with ups and downs, however the day your baby is born is hard to put into words.

Intended parents have the choice to pursue independent surrogacy or to work with a surrogacy doctor & surrogate agency. Working with an agency provides a level or partnership and expertise that parents would not have on their own. Having an agency manage the journey and the details allows parents to focus on preparing for the arrival of their baby.

Partner with the most successful Surrogacy Services.
Surrogacy is a monumental emotional and financial journey, and intended parents want to know what their chances of having a baby through surrogacy truly are.

Lushfema Surrogacy values transparency. By sharing our success rates, we hope to help educate intended parents on how choosing the right surrogacy agency will help guarantee their success of having a baby.

Surrogacy success rates

Over the past 500+ surrogacy journeys, Lushfema Surrogacy is proud to share the success rates for surrogacy journeys where intended parents brought home a baby:

• 90% success rate for journeys with at least one transfer
• 98% Success rate for those who had a baby from their first transfer, or completed at least two transfers

It is not uncommon for intended parents to have to do more than one embryo transfer to achieve a viable pregnancy. For intended parents who are able to continue on their journey and complete 3 or more transfers, they will see success!

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