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Average Cost of IVF in India

The average cost for one in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle in India is more than Rs.180,000. One Basic IVF can be as much as Rs.220,000 or may be as low as Rs.140,000. Price of This IVF Cycle is for Self Egg & Partner Sperm. It is rarely lower than that. These numbers do not include the cost of medications, which average around for a single cycle.  According to an interview with a Patient at fertility clinic in Delhi total pocket expenses for three cycle IVF with donor egg, medicine was about Rs.500,000/-. They also shared that at third cycle, she conceived luckily. The Cost included what they paid for the IVF itself, as well as medications and monitoring.

The average couple spent Rs.450,000 for 3 cycle IVF with one fresh cycle and two FET without medicine and pre IVF Investigation. For every additional cycle, if embryo still available, couples spent on average an additional Rs.90,000. Before you panic, remember that there are ways to get discounts and pay less for IVF. There are also bulk IVF and refund programs.

While insurance does not always cover IVF, your insurance may cover part of your expenses. For example, they may cover monitoring, or they may cover part of the medications. That can decrease the price significantly. Always ask before assuming you can not afford IVF.

Average Cost of IVF in India for One IVF Cycle with Pre IVF Investigation, Cost of Stimulating Injection, Monitoring, Supporting Medicine, Lab Consumable, IVF Charges, Post IVF Medicine, Post IVF Investigation till baby cardiac activity is about Rs.220,000/- (ICSI method can be used to prepare the embryo)

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