(Surrogacy Board is now active in India. Call us to apply your surrogacy in legal manner as per ART & Surrogacy Regulation Act 2021)

IVF & Altruistic Surrogacy Treatment Loan

Having Trouble in Making Payment of Hospital Bills for IVF, ICSI-IVF, Hysteroscopy + Laparoscopy, Altruistic Surrogacy? You can opt Financial assistance from reputed Medical loan providing companies in India.  Most Insurance Companies do not cover Infertility treatment. Patient have to invest huge amount of money sometimes many clinics of India. Making payment at clinics may be very painful in full amount. Therefore Financial support in term of loan may also help you to get timely treatment. 

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IVF Treatment Packages :

1. Single Cycle IVF Treatment Rs.1.8 Lakhs
2. Two Cycle IVF Treatment Rs.2.7 Lakhs
3. Three Cycle IVF Treatment Rs.3.6 Lakhs
4. Guaranteed IVF Treatment (Multi Cycle) : Rs.5 Lakhs
5. Moneyback* (3 Cycle) IVF Treatment : Rs.5 Lakhs

Altruistic Surrogacy Treatment Packages:

1. Affordable Surrogacy* Treatment : Rs.12 Lakhs
2. Guaranteed Surrogacy* Treatment : Rs.15 Lakhs
3. Moneyback* Surrogacy* Treatment : Rs.18 Lakhs

Who are Eligible for Lushfema Medical Loan?

Lushfema Medical Loan is for the Treatment of IVF & Altruistic Surrogacy in Network Hospital of Lushfema. Our Network Hospital are verified for their result in the treatment of Infertility - IVF & Surrogacy. Every married Couple can avail medical Loan at 0% (No Cost EMI) for the treatment of IVF or Surrogacy. You can avail medical loan for infertility treatment if you or your spouse or your parent / sibling or your partner parent / sibling is a Central / State Government Employee, Semi Government Employee, Private Sector Employee (Salaried).

Particular of Loan

1. Loan Amount is 100% of Packaged Treatment
2. Maximum Tenure is 12 Month and Minimum is 6 Month
3. Rate of Interest is 0%
4. Processing Fee for Loan is only 5% of Loan Amount
5. Maximum Time of Loan Approval is 3 Working Days.
6. Loan amount shall be for Treatment Purposes only

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Free IVF & Surrogacy Camp

Free Checkup/Investigation Lushfema in association with Top 10 IVF Doctor's of City helds Free IVF, IUI, ICSI & Surrogacy Camps to Investigate the reason of Infertility in Male & Female. Childless Married Couple or Infertile Couple can Visit to our Camp for Free IVF Doctor's Consultation. Free Investigation (up to Rs.5000) is free for every Patient. Please Call us on 9870285080 to get detailed information.

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